Double Quiosk with credit card payment

Imagen T-Quiosk modelo 202

Payment of products or services with a credit card

You can pay with credit card the products requested in the T-Quiosk

Possibility to incorporate accessories

You can add different devices to your T-Quiosk, such as: RFID reader, barcode reader, and QR codes among other available devices

Install your Android or Windows selling software

With the T-Quiosk you can choose between two OS that best suits the chracteristics of your business

Imagen T-Quiosk modelo 202
Imagen T-Quiosk modelo 202

2 Large format touch screens to guide the user

T-Quiosk has two 32" touch screens in which the user can interact and move freely between different products and/or services

Works autonomous and uninterrupted

T-Quiosk works automatically and uninterrupted since the opening of the business until it close. Works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Column desing for a better space usage

The T-Quiosk 202 model has a column desing with double screen for a better space usage