Kiosk for card payment

Different types of installation

Possible to install T-Quiosk Model 1 on the wall, on desktop or with a stand support.

Payment for products and services by a credit card

You can pay with the credit card for the products requested by the T-Quiosk

Possible to include accessories

It incorporates standard 80mm printer with auto cutter and barcode and QR code reader, in addition to an RFID reader. As an optional accessory you can incorporate PinPad support, wall support, stand support or desktop support.

Imagen de un T-Quiosk modelo 20

21'5 "touch screen to guide the user

T-Quiosk Model 1 has a 21'5 "touch screen with which the user can interact and move freely between products or services.

It works autonomously and uninterruptedly

T-Quiosk Model 1 works automatically and uninterruptedly from the moment the business is opened until it is closed. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Install your Android or Windows sales software

T-Quiosk is available in two different operating systems, choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your business.